Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Asphalt Pavement Repairs And Maintanance

When pavement areas are cracked or eroded, they must be repaired. Asphalt pavement repair should be routinely performed on parking lots, driveways, thoroughfares, and walkways. Asphalt pavement is an outlay that should be maintained and protected. Parking lot repairs make good sense. Why? Read on.

Regular asphalt pavement repairs prevent splits, little holes, break-offs, and cracks from becoming bigger problems, both functionally and aesthetically. No one wants future potholes, large depressions, crevices, or gaps in their pavement.

Without asphalt maintenance and asphalt repairs, these small problems become much bigger ones that must also be addressed. Surface problems are functional nightmares to the vehicles and people that use the pavement. Cars, trucks, forklifts and other equipment can be damaged by bad asphalt pavement. Loads can be damaged, people injured, and the cost of vehicle repairs can mount quickly.

And what about the pavement itself? 
Immediate asphalt pavement repairs and parking lot repairs stop small surface problems from becoming deeper base and foundational nightmares. It is easier to repair now as opposed to replacing later, right? Of course, it is. 

While practical issues and functionality are generally the number one concern for asphalt areas, but appearance also matters. Pavement is an investment, and the condition of the asphalt affects the value of the premises. I suppose this is simply common sense.

Actual Asphalt Repairs 

For asphalt crack repairs, pavement contractors clean out the crack of all debris, dirt, and vegetation growths. This allows sand or other initial fillers to be placed into the cracks evenly, for strength and stability. Next, hot crack filler or cold rubberized crack filler is then added. It must then be cautioned-off, and allowed to dry thoroughly, without traffic atop it.

Pothole Repairs

Pothole repairs are handled just a little differently during parking lot repairs, or asphalt pavement repairs. Asphalt cold patch is usually used. The contractor knows precisely how high to fill the hole, and what compacting and leveling must then be done. It is a combination of basic know-how, experience, and instinct.

Seal Coating Asphalt

Once asphalt has been repaired-sealed and dried, it should be seal coated. Seal coating provides the best surface protection possible, protecting the pavement's integrity and appearance. Blacktop sealcoat is generally used in this protective procedure. It works very well.

Asphalt Maintenance Thereafter

Many companies, firms, and small businesses have regular parking lot and pavement maintenance programs. These involve regularly scheduled inspections, routinely picking up debris, weeding, washing the surface to eliminate oil and gasoline fluid damage, and handling any small erosion problems in-house between asphalt contractor visits.

Take good care of your asphalt, and it will take good care of you or your business. Don't and it won't.